Frank Shepard Fairey

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Known under the pseudonym OBEY, this contemporary American street artist is an illustrator, silkscreen artist and muralist.

Member of the Street Art movement, he displays his political and social opinions through interventions in the public space. Indeed, he made a name for himself with the poster “HOPE” created for the 2008 presidential campaign of U.S. President Barack Obama.

Originally from the skateboarding scene, he gained notoriety with his stickers André the Giant Has a Posse, from the Obey Giant campaign.

In France, Frank Shepard Fairey was first exhibited at Base where he presented small portraits of hooded guerrillas. His work was also visible in the Magda Danysz gallery, which has always defended his creations.

– May 2007: he participates in M.U.R.
– Autumn 2019: one of his posters is exhibited at the Fondation Cartier for the exhibition “Né dans la rue – Graffiti“.
– In 2019: he participates in the Grenoble Street Art Fest.

The Galerie Itinérance in Paris celebrates his 30 years of career by dedicating an exhibition to him named “Facing the Giant, 3 decades of Dissant“.

Frank Shepard Fairey liberté égalité fraternité la Marianne


Lithograph on paper signed and dated –  91 x 61 cm : 150€*

*250 euros framed: black aluminum frame or light wood Nielsen 71 x 101cm. Framed poster available only at the gallery.

Obey liberté égalité fraternité


Author of several giant murals in the capital, one of his works, “Liberté, Egalite, Fraternité” was born on the facade of a low-income housing project in the Rue Nationale in June 2016. Standing more than a dozen meters high, this spectacular version of the modernized Marianne can only become an icon.

Only, the first version of this contemporary artwork dates back to the dark days following the November 13, 2015 attacks in Paris. And as messages of support poured in from all over the world, whether from renowned individuals or strangers, artists rallied for France and the right to freedom. Among them Shepard Fairey raises his brush as a cry against the attack on the foundations of the most precious rights. The image of his Marianne, of his name “Liberté, Egalite, Fraternité”, becomes his ode to freedom. “It was to express my support for the French people and the Parisians. I think that art has a great place in French culture, it encourages peace, harmony and tolerance.”

As for this beautiful Marianne, it is itself recovered from another of his works “Make Art NoT War”.

make art not war

This art creation refers to the anti-war mantra of the 1960s. It originated during the Iraq war, with Fairey’s need to champion creative, non-destructive acts. The Art Nouveau style of this “Make Love, Not War” image is inspired by hippie art and anti-Vietnam War posters.



Lithograph on paper signed and dated -  91 x 61 cm : 150€*