Jeannie Pitjara

In 2010, Jeannie’s work was featured in the “Tradition to Modernity” touring exhibition in Australia, Tasmania and internationally.

In 2010, Jeannie’s work was featured in the “Tradition to Modernity” touring exhibition in Australia, Tasmania and internationally.

About the artist

Originally from the Central Desert, Jeannie Pitjara was born around 1957 in Utopia into a family of famous artists, the Petyarre family.

In the eighties, she participated with other Aboriginal women in an artistic project around the art of batik. They made silk fabrics, covered with floral motifs. The collection was acquired by the Robert Holmes a Court Collection and has been the subject of numerous exhibitions, contributing to the recognition of Aboriginal women artists.

Jeannie Pitjara has embarked on an artistic career. She draws on her knowledge of batik to meticulously paint flowers in motion. Although she is heir to the Mountain Devil Lizard dream, she prefers to paint series of paintings about flowers: the Bush Medicine Dreaming, the Bush Peanut Dreaming and the Yam Seed Dreaming.

Beyond the floral aspect, she tries to give an artistic dimension to the food resources of the desert.

Jeannie Pitjara peinture aborigène décoration DZ Galerie art Nice

Selection of three paintings by the artist

Bush Medecine Leaves

Acrylic on linen canvas – 152 x 98 cm – 2018 – 2800 euros

About her works

Jeannie Pitjara’s work is distinguished by a vivid graphic design in this painting representing the Yam Dreaming. This dream celebrates and represents the spirit of the yam, which has nourished the Aborigines since the beginning of the world. Thus, in the same canvas, she paints the seed of the yam, as well as the leaves and flowers.

Inspired as much by the work of her sister Gloria Petyarre as that of her aunt Emily Kame Kngwarreye, she paints with a reduced palette, playing on contrasts to accentuate the movement. The colors seem to move on the canvas and change.

Bush Yam Seeds

Acrylic on linen canvas – 60 x 60 cm – 2010 – 900 euros

Acrylic on linen canvas – 91 x 45 cm – 2018 – 900 euros

Her works are present in prestigious collections such as:

The National Gallery of Australia, Canberra (Australia)

The Holmes a Court Collection, Perth (Australia)

Jeannie Pitjara peintre aborigène contemporain DZ Galerie art Nice

Main solo and group exhibitions:

2010. De la tradition à la modernité “, Central Art, Alice Springs (Australie)

2008. “A Women’s Exhibition “, Redrock Gallery, Beijing (Chine)

2008. “Three Petyarres “, Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney (Australie).

2007. “Exposition de groupe, International Art Expo, Pékin (Chine).

2006. “Exposition de relocalisation, Redrock Gallery, South Yarra (Australie).
2005-2006. “Cicada Trading ” Adu Dhabi (États Arabes Unis), Bahreïn, Paris (France), Houston (États-Unis), Milan (Italie), Istanbul (Turquie).

1993. A Picture Story Exhibition of 88 works on Silk from the Holmes a Court Collection “, Australie, Irlande, Ecosse

1990. Exposition de 88 œuvres sur soie de la collection Holmes a Court “, Australie, Irlande, Ecosse.