Witch’s mirror

Witch mirror

The witch mirror is a famous object, especially through the representations that some Flemish painters have made from the 15th century. It is characterized by a convex curved glass that allows a unique optical and perspective game.

This First Empire piece in wood painted with gold leaf and in excellent condition presents at its top the imperial eagle in pediment and the lamp base with its vegetal decoration comes to balance this piece without weighing it down.

It is an ideal mirror to place in an entrance or a living room, alone or above a chest of drawers or a console.

This witch mirror is from the end of the 19th century. The back is made of parquet and shows some small restorations. 

Material : wood, mirror and gold leaf

Weight : 6,6 Kg

Dimensions :
– Height : 108 cm
– Width : 65 cm
– Depth : 11 cm

1320 euros

Miroir de sorcière DZ galerie art Nice
Miroir de sorcière décoration DZ galerie art Nice