Kifwebe Songye mask

This mask represents a stylized anthropomorphic character characteristic of Songye productions in the DRC. It originates from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Indeed, the frontal crest, the exaggeratedly bulging eyes, the cubic mouth, the striations and the colors are all symbolic elements elaborated by the Songye magicians-sculptors.

These masks honor male omnipotence and promote the political and social control of men within the tribe. It also plays a crucial role in secret male initiation ceremonies.

Sold with its base.

Material : wood and pigments

Weight : 3 Kg

Dimensions :
– Height : 56,5 cm
– Height on base : 63 cm
– Depth : 31 cm
– Width : 27,5 cm

1680 euros

Masque africain Kifwebe Songye DZ Galerie art Nice décoration